Lucky 8 [ I]

8 (八) is the king of lucky numbers in Chinese culture. Because it Sounds similar to the word ‘fa’ which means to make a fortune, it is favored by most Chinese people. According to Chinese culture, the number 8 brings prosperity, success and high social status.  A website such as 8888X8888.COM you can’t go wrong. This domain name contains 8 number 8s;  it will bring you everything you’ve ever wished for: Success, Happiness, money, luck ! You will represent your country’s and you ancestor’s culture and be praised by your peers for honoring your culture.In addition, your competitors will definitely envy your lucky 8s. Here’s your chance to show the world how much you LOVE the number 8 by purchasing

The competition is fierce, the global economy now depends on more than business skills; you must add luck on your side. I’m sure you would not want to miss this chance; you would like a Western company to own 8888X8888.COM? With Globalization, companies are finding it more and more challenging to make their mark on the world stage. To increase your chances in today’s competitive world, make sure your website contains  numbers that will help enhance your chances and your cultural standing on the world stage. Make an offer today,  IAI8.COM ( 我爱八) or 8888X8888.COM could be yours! The time has come for your to show the world how much you do love the number 8 and what it means to you. These domains could be yours within 24 hours of submitting an offer. Our team is sending by waiting for you! 

No. 4 (四) is generally disliked by people just as 13 is in the western world.  This is because 4 is pronounced ‘Si’ in Chinese, the same sound as 死 (death).  While in the musical scale, 4 is pronounced “Fa”, the same sound with 发 (fortune) in Chinese. Some people regards 4 as a lucky number. It could be referred to the 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 famous mountains, 4 Chinese inventions!

As the old saying goes – 四季发财 (be wealthy all the year round)… and get more 888….

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